Keeping NY City Streets Green

Our Mission

BrooklynShade is commited to increasing New York City's tree canopy and improving the health and longevity of existing city trees through community outreach, education, and service.

It is the belief of the organization that a functioning tree canopy will improve health, beauty, and energy conservation for our communities. We are aware that the NYC government, the Parks Department, and agencies empowered by the government, are ill equipped to care for street trees after they are planted. Although there are programs to train citizen volunteers as tree pruners, the critical care of trees including watering, nutrition, correct construction of tree pits, and the removal of harmful substances must be maintained by the residents in direct proximity of the trees.

Furthermore, many neighborhoods need to be encouraged to request tree plantings when the city makes them available. Neighborhood support of city trees must be cultivated in tandem with tree planting drives. Otherwise, there is potential apathy and greater risk of the early demise of planted trees from neglect and arborcide.

Once the trees are planted, promoting the value of trees as a benefit to health, beauty, economics, and energy conservation is a key step to ensuring the safety and longevity of the planted trees. Trees are hard work. They can be a nuisance, expensive, and potentially destructive. For this reason it is important to make sure that the incentives to increase the number of neighborhood trees outweighs the concerns of maintaining them.