Keeping NY City Streets Green

What's New

Thanks to Citizen's Committee of NYC (CCNY), we ran the Tree Guard Clinic indoors in February and brought our students into a warmer environment to learn about tree care and wooden tree guard construction.

February 13th was the first of 2 events that are scheduled to be held at the CCNY offices on 7th Avenue in Manhattan and although we do not get to install a guard around a living tree, BrooklynShade is reaching out to more community groups than ever before.

It is our hope that BrooklynShade instructs over 20 groups through CCNY's Love Your Block Grant program. Grant recipients receive a $500 cash award along with expedited support from city agencies to improve the beauty and safety of their neighborhoods.

BrooklynShade's biggest challenge was to keep the quality of the clinic as high as possible without working in an actual tree bed. After a brainstorming session with Alicia Rouault and Scott Codey of Citizen's Committee of NYC, we designed a model tree bed that can be assembled indoors and allow our students to get hands-on experience.