Keeping NY City Streets Green

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Thanks to their generosity and commitment, Build It Green! NYC awarded BrooklynShade with a stipend to purchase reclaimed wood from their retail outlet in Astoria. The reclaimed wood will be used to build tree guards for our city street trees and keep waste out of our landfills.

Build It Green Sign

Due to the low cost of materials at Build It Green (BIG), the funds will go a long way to purchase better quality material that will extend the useful life of our wooden tree guards.

"It has been a challenge for us to create affordable and long-lasting wooden guards without releasing toxins into the soil or the air," explains Chris Mazza, BrooklynShade head carpenter. "Using higher quality hard woods extends the life of the guard without the need for chemically treated wood or environmentally harmful finishes."

Students of the tree guard clinics can also pick up materials at Build It Green for their own projects. BIG is open to the public and has an amazing selection of building materials for large and small projects.